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Industrial Tubing

APS Stainless Spiral Welded Tubes come in a variety of diameters, lengths & tube thicknesses. Our clients have complete satisfaction that we are able to cater to their individual requirements, with fabrication & passivation/pickling services available, thus providing them with a complete solution in one package.

Most commonly, our products are used in the following applications:-

- Fume Extraction
- Rain Water Down-pipes
- Water and Pulp lines
- Condenser Water Systems
- Furnace and Boiler Flues Water
- Wort lines in Breweries
- Slurry & Chemical Lines
- Marine/Shipbuilding
- Mining

Our size range is from 1.5 Inches (38.1mm) diameter – up to 16 Inches (406.4mm) diameter. This is also dependent on wall thickness achievable between 1mm to 3mm.

Each tube is hydrostatically tested to ensure soundness of the welding.