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Oilfield Screen Shrouds

APS Oilfield Screen Shrouds come in a variety of metallurgies, diameters, lengths, perforation patterns and wall thickness. Our clients have complete satisfaction that we are able to cater to their individual requirements.

As a gauge some of the more common product specs are listed below:


1.5" up to 16" {38.1mm up to 406.4mm}

Wall thickness:

16ga {1.5mm} up to 10ga {3.0mm}


Full flexibility in lengths

Perforation Patterns:

1/8" over 1/4" square centers

1/4" over 1/2" square centers 1/4" over 3/8" square centers

1/4" over 1/2" staggered centers 1/2" over 1" square centers

Vector Slot Openings

Client specified openings (eg Delta shaped perforations)