APS is committed to Quality Assurance Systems, and employs staff with extensive knowledge in Processes as well as industry expertise. Throughout our entire process, strictest inspections are carried out with ID and OD drifting, and calibrated micrometre & veneer checks. Upon completion of any job, a detailed Inspection Report is furbished to the client with a Certificate of Conformance.  This certificate package contains such things as heat numbers, material certificates and QC Inspection reports with the aim of providing full traceability pertaining the project.

To further highlight our emphasis on Quality, APS purchases all its raw materials from reputable and audited Mill sources and ensures that all metallurgies conform to ASTM A240 Standard where applicable. This is matched up against the Mill Certificates issued by the mills, of which would later be passed to our clients upon completion of a project.

To enhance our Quality confidence to our customers, APS is a ISO9001:2008 certified company and is audited twice yearly by a Multinational Quality Registrar.